Electronic Music Entry

What do we think about when we think about electronic music? Is it Techno? Perhaps Dubstep. Over the years electronic music has taken a turn for the best. Starting as a genre of music that was unknown to most changed to a variety of music that is loved around the world by millions. When we think about the origin of electronic music we all think about Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk began the electronic era by being truly unique. He had a number of great ways to create astonishing electronic music. He had this idea that if you could take a bunch or random sounds and compose them together it could create amazing songs and I think that this is one of the things that sets him apart from other people of his time. Another thing that set Kraftwerk apart was that he had some very interesting way to get sounds. For example to generate one of his sounds he would take a pencil and stab pieces of paper and after he had stabbed it he would throw the paper and get a unique sound that you would never expect from a piece of paper. For both of these reason Kraftwerk will forever be considered a pioneer of electronic music. Speaking as a listener who doesn’t happen to listen to a lot of electronic music I can appreciate wanting to make music that is lesser known to try to revolutionize the way the world sees it. As a professional in the industry I think that he may have had some of the most interesting techniques for making sounds that I personally never would of thought about or even imagined. There was a lot of influence from Kraftwerk to the current day electric music artists to create a better sound since people deserve a better kind of electronic music.


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